First Name : Brandy

Last Name : Decker

Approx. Age : 39

State : Oregon

FACEBOOK : thefreckledbee
INSTAGRAM : @beebabybee.xo


Brandy Michelle Decker (born Oct. '84) is Antifa and one of the co-owners of The Freckled Bee, a children's clothing store known for supporting left-wing causes. She allegedly harasses conservatives and other downtown business owners. Locals have known about her left-wing activism for years, but she was outed as Antifa on Twitter in August 2023. Shortly after, black bloc figures were seen guarding her store. Decker used to teach in the Salem school district and may continue to substitute teach. She has an OnlyFans page and posts lots of skimpy lingerie photos on IG. She has a flat, saggy butt so I don't know why she bothers. She lives in a little house in Salem.

Posted By : Anonymous in August 2023
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