Data Research

This page is a catalog of various data and tracking tools we've built. We're sharing this for those interested in open source research on antifa and the extremist left. Some of these projects may not be perfect, and should be thought of as ongoing research and/or 'beta' releases. Please reach out if you have questions about usage or have ideas for other areas of research.

AntifaWatch Data is an open data download for all the data contained in the 12k+ reports on AntifaWatch. It contains database CSV/JSON downloads as well as a .zip download of all the images. This also contains a short instruction guide on how to import data into a wordpress install as posts.

Tracking Jane's Revenge is a project to track the targetted attacks done by Anarchists and pro-abortion extremists following the leak and eventual Supreme Court overturning of Roe V Wade. A map of attacks as well as a timeline with references. Data available for download in spreadsheet format. Does not work on tor hidden service.

Antifa Groups is a semi-incomplete project aimed at geographically identifiying Antifa groups. This project puts antifa groups/"collectives" on a map with where they are generally located. Please read the Notes at the bottom of the page relating to the data and criteria.

2020 riots federal cases is a project to track the 2020 riots federal cases with person, state, charge, outcome, etc. This came out of lack of clear data from DoJ (or only providing it to Antifa supporter journalists) This will be updated when possible and does require some updates

Facial Recognition is a project that provides an AI search through the images archived on our website. It uses a simple model to look for matches and give highest likelihood of a match. This isn't a perfect system and our data isn't entirely focused around this

Deleted Tweets is a project to archive the deleted Tweets of leftist/Antifa twitter accounts. This uses Tweepy + Wayback to pull tweet IDs then look for the ones that exist in archive but not live. Can be a useful tool. Due to Twitter API changes we can no longer add any data to this archive.

Tweet Archives is a project to archive and to make searchable the full wayback contents for Tweet archives of leftist/Antifa twitter accounts. This pulls everything possible from wayback under a specific account, parses it and presents it in a decent format. This project was done as a result of the Twitter API changes.

Antifa Follower Archive is a project to archive the followers of prominent Antifa twitter accounts. This can be useful when digging in histories (e.g. Connor Betts, the Dayton mass shooter followed interacted extensively with Antifa on Twitter, who subsequently tried to cover that up) or looking for names changes of accounts. These were run in Febuary 2021 and April/May 2022, we try to do a big pull down once a year. Due to Twitter API changes we can no longer add any data to this archive. is a project to archive 2020 riot footage. Twitter/Youtube/Facebook consistently engage in deplatforming that will then remove anything someone has uploaded, a lot of footage disappears this way. Riotarchive is a backup of this data searchable by location and date. This is a project we supported as far as hosting/server setup and some help with code but don't 'own'. pine_tree_riots collected data from relevant sources and wrote most of the code.

Speech Recognition is a project to catalog data from video and podcasts for search and NLP usage. This project passes video from riotarchive to a high performance speech recognition model. JSON results are provided

• 2020 riot Telegram Logs is a project to archive telegram chats from 2020 riots. Telegram was a key organizing tool for 'autonomous' demonstrations through open chats and RUST (Remote Uprising Support Teams) that would share information from scanners and police locations. We've archived

Additionally we created 3 simple data visualizations of this data showing activity dropping off after they became less politically useful to the system.