First Name : Brandy

Last Name : Knightly

Approx. Age : 60

State : Oregon

Tags : Portland Antifa  


This person is DECEASED. We normally wouldn't bother reporting a dead Antifa, but she's a notable Antifa martyr and may become a flashpoint between the city and Portland's Antifa so it's probably worth having her in the database. Brandy "June" Lynn Knightly, aka "T-Rex", (1961 - 2022) was a long-time activist, mostly in the lez community but began participating in Antifa riots during the George Floyd rioting cycle. Knightly volunteered at Rose City Antifa protests / riots as a corker, a person who illegally blocks traffic on public roadways. In February 2022, she was illegally blocking traffic with her motorcycle on a street near Normandale Park in northeast Portland. The ruckus disturbed a local resident who came out to see what was going on. Insults and then gunfire was exchanged between Antifa and the man and Knightly wound up dead on the ground. Because Antifa tampered with evidence, removing shell casings from the scene, and because there were a huge number of Antifa who testified against the man, he was convicted of murder. Knightly had cancer twice and probably didn't have much time to live anyway but the man didn't receive any discount on his sentence. Knightly has become a martyr for Portland's Antifa, and several memorials sprouted up like slimy mushrooms near the site of her death. In 2023, residents began complaining about an extremely tacky memorial at Normandale park and the city agreed to remove it. Antifa has vowed to protect the memorial no matter what. Stay tuned to watch the violence that results.

Posted By : Anonymous in April 2023
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