AntifaWatch News is designed to be a repository of more longform writing done as part of our research and reporting. For more information on AntifaWatch and all we do, see About. As the AntifaWatch project has developed we’ve delved into more in depth writing on court cases, rulings, extremist backgrounds and other subject areas. These writings sometimes cover multiple people, events, groups, and so on does not fit within our Database cataloging effort located here.

We’ve used Twitter threads + threadreaderapp as a temporary solution for this, but these aren’t exactly a resiliant solution we can rely on long term, long term resilance is something we've always attempted to keep in mind with this project. Not everything we cover on social media will get an article here, however exclusive stories as well as stories that require long threads where we want to provide lots of links and documentation go on here.

Contributing Writing

We're open to featuring original writing from others here, however we do want to keep a high standard and will remain picky with what we accept. What we would be looking for is in depth well supported/fact based writing and research on left wing political extremism. This can cover court cases, extremist organizing, extremist groups, data focused research, social media analysis, and other related areas. In short we want interesting, original, fact based reporting on the extremist left that could not be covered with a single Tweet.

If you're interested feel free to reach out over email [email protected] or our Contact form with some general info on your writing or story. If you just want to send us a tip, you can use those contact methods as well.


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