What is it?

CanYouIDMe? is a public listing of those involved in far left criminality, violence, organizing as well as those involved in direct action with organizations with those aims.
The goal of this listing is for those individuals to be identified, to serve as an anti-violence resource.
It works similar to AntifaWatch reports, where users submit this information, we remove spam and fake reports and approve it.
Once a CanYouIDMe? request is public, users can submit to answer it. If it's a positive ID we'll mark it solved and approve it as an AntifaWatch Database report.
A Report Marked "Solved" does not necessarily mean they were identified as a result of AntifaWatch CYIM.

What can I submit?

We want two main criteria :
1) Direct action in public with the far left
2) Potential to be identified
This means no anonymous Twitter users + no unidentifiable masked persons.

On Rewards

Rewards are designed to incentivize identification/information. There are two kinds

1) Law enforcement offered rewards via things like crimestoppers and request for information programs. These programs are completely unassociated with AntifaWatch, we will simply point to where one can make submit the information, and if accurate receive potential rewards.

2) AntifaWatch rewards. These work through cryptocurrency, if someone wants to offer a reward for their CanYouIDMe? report, they send that to one of our crypto addresses, where following a positive identification whoever made the ID will be sent the crypto. All decisions regarding positive identification for these are made by AntifaWatch moderators. We'll work with anyone who makes a positive ID to get them crypto if they are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and how to convert to USD/etc.

Should you want a reward with your CanYouIDMe? report:
1) Send crypto to one of the listed addresses prior to submitting and sign the transaction in the notes.
2) Submit one without a reward then send us crypto and an email. We'll then edit the report to reflect this


This will be filled as they're asked

Q: Can I create a reward for a period of time?
A: Yes, just communicate that in in your CanYouIDMe request or an email. No super short period of time though (30 day minimum sounds reasonable)

Q: You only list XMR/BTC/ETH, I want to offer a different altcoin as reward?
A: Submit the request with the altcoin and email us so we can create an address for the coin.

Q: Why not use paypal/stripe/venmo/cashapp?
A: We honestly don't trust them. They've shown their willingness to work with the far left, we don't want to do anything that might compromise our users.

Q: I have no fucking clue how to use cryptocurrency, how can I add a reward to my CYIM request?
A: Easiest way is to make an account on a popular exchange such as Coinbase/Kraken are the easiest. You can then buy BTC and send it to the wallet address listed on the bottom of this webpage

Q: I have no fucking clue how to use cryptocurrency, will I still be able to claim a reward?
A: Yes, just make sure you submit with an email in your answer. We'll explain how to setup an account on a exchange, where we can then send you the crypto and you'll have the ability to convert to USD/Euros/etc